Friday, April 16

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“MIGHTY” … That’s You and Me!

disability, disabled, Joy
I am disabled but not unable.  Thanks to medical technology, fabulous and caring physicians, family support, social support (both online and off) and computer technology, I continue with my chosen career, my chosen causes and a life that is as full and engaging as anyone could hope. Now, I've discovered The Mighty (details in the video below) thanks to my Bardo Group Beguines colleague, Lana Phillips. What a great find! A wonderful idea, essentially an online support group for people who are dealing with chronic and catastrophic illness and sharing information and resources. The people who visit The Mighty site and/or write for it, share their stories (including stories of parenting). They are women and men who are ill or disabled th...

Vision Quest

Healing, Joy, Spirituality
Writing in a far and broken country, my pen knows its kinship with the dark forest, asks direction of its trees, celebrates its quiet amity over the din of plastic medicine vials, the 40-foot serpentine specter of a cannula, the hiss and sigh of an oxygen compressor amid layered silences. We are named on a long list of regional poets. The region is the sickroom where the palm and birch in the courtyard know their meaning and place. Lend a shaman ear. The trees will speak and tell you that we are found, we are here, not lost in those vials but found in the hallowed company of artful healers on a Vision Quest. Call it the hero's journey - Strike up the hill. Cry out for the Sacred Dream, for the purpose of your life and its confusions. A comforting Infinity breaks through fierce grieving emb...

TGIF: Gratitude for a Successful Surgery

My surgery was almost 10 weeks ago and it took that time to recover completely. All my insides seem to be working and playing nicely with each other again. And best of all the constant pain has dramatically decreased in both frequency and intensity. Even my surgeon commented on how much better I looked now that I wasn't in so much pain all the time. I am so very grateful. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. --Melody Beattie