Tuesday, March 2

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Daily Affirmations

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Since my post last week about deserving good things, I've had this guy's voice in my head. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!" Stuart Smalley may have been a Saturday Night Live character in the 1990's, but he wouldn't have been so popular if he hadn't spoken a truth that resonated with people's hearts and souls. We all need to know this truth. Some people have this innate understanding of it (you might say God-given), while others due to external circumstances have a hard time believing it that it could be true. I'm finding it a daily struggle these last months. I hope I'm the only one, but I'm relatively sure I'm not. So for a tad bit of inspiration (and I hope a little humor mixed in), I share with you Stuart Smalley. (I'm a "caring nurturer," not a...

A Serving of Laughter with Sides of Truth and Irony

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Photograph of Pywacket Dedes, 19?? - 2002 (from the family album) Often she looked like this, as though she too was smiling at our jokes. "From over the wall I could hear the laughter of women in a foreign tongue, in the sun-rinsed air of the city. They sat (so I thought) perfumed in their hats and their silks, in chairs on the grass amid flowers glowing and swaying. One spoke and the others rang like bells, oh so witty, like bells till the sound filled up the garden and lifted." The Laughter of Women, Mary Sherman-Willis, The Hudson Review, Autumn 2007 This just in from friend and world-class calligrapher, Linda F. I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So, I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness. Sex is not the answer. Sex is a question. "Yes" is the answe...

heavy lifting

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some poems are sweet vanilla some are spiced nice some are serious, some silly some have unexpected might do you wonder if you can save the day write a poem then and have your say see what might happen when your voice is added to mine, words have power they shift and sift and grind they point and clear and find a way lyric, ballad, sonnet or ode poetry is potent, so please have your say together, your words and mine, might help save the day © 2013, poem , Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day), All rights reserved; Illustration ~ I have no idea where this orginated. If it’s yours, let me know. I’ll take it down or provide credit, whatever’s your preference. The B Zine, A collaboration of Beguine Again and The Bardo Group January/Volume 1, Issue 3 Why not pop over and check us out.