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Medicine and the Muse

Healing, Healthcare
“In this biomedical revolution, we need the humanities now more than ever.” - Lloyd B. Minor, MD, Dean, Stanford University School of Medicine Writing, poetry and art have been comforts to me throughout my work and personal life. I know their power as meditative processes that relieve physical and mental stress, enhance mental acuity and decision-making, and improve self-image. Artistic pursuits may not cure but they do heal. When I recently transferred to Stanford Health Care I was delighted to find that there is a serious commitment at Stanford University and Stanford Health Care to incorporate the arts into care for patients and into physician training, going beyond the usual poetry and art classes for cancer victims that are offered by some health care organizations.  Stanford is...
Sailing with Ulysses

Sailing with Ulysses

Art, Education, Mystery, Science, Skeptic, Spirituality
One need not leave one's armchair to undertake the Journey of the Hero. Such can happen entirely inside one's skull. Though it is gradually coming to seem downright quaint these days, this concept of education was the rule rather than the exception until quite late in the 20th century. This is my personal account of how I embarked upon that journey, and why it is not over. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Life-changing moments are usually recognized as life-changing only in retrospect. But occasionally, such a moment is recognized, however dimly, as life-changing at the time it occurs. One of the latter, for me, occurred when my advanced-placement (AP) eighth-grade English teacher, M...