Saturday, October 24

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Bootstrapping Ethics … The “Anthropic” Paradigm

Bootstrapping Ethics … The “Anthropic” Paradigm

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Herewith this week’s six-pack of heresies: To found ethics on the categories of “good” and “evil” is to guarantee confusion from the get-go The first point is all the more true, given that religion – specifically monotheism – is usually the context used to define “good” and “evil” There is nothing at all necessary about the first two points, i.e., there are other bases for ethics than monotheistic religion: we have alternatives Human reason is entirely adequate for stating those alternatives: we do not need supernatural revelation … which tends to only obfuscate, not clarify, anyway, as the bloody pre-Enlightenment religious history of Europe amply illustrates The basis of any alternative starting point for ethical reflection should be – in fact, must be – the welfare of the human co...

15 Propositions: The Bible and Homosexuality by Rev. Dr. James Howell

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15 propositions | The General Board of Church and Society. A thoughtful article.  My personal pet peeve is  under his point #12.  Just because I disagree does not mean that I don't know my Bible or that I don't know the scholarship around this issue.   15 propositions:  The Bible and Homosexuality By the Rev. Dr. James Howell Having heard much talk recently about the Bible and homosexuality — in our United Methodist General Conference, in my home state of North Carolina with its marriage amendment vote, and then President Obama’s statement affirming gay marriage — I have pulled together 15 propositions that might help us moving forward...