Tuesday, March 2

Tag: hitchhiker

Mindful Monday: No hitchhikers allowed

Buddhism, inner peace, mindfulness, Spirituality
"It seems I've lived as though there were two of me. Right where I stand is me as I am. Opposite me is another me, one I've never met. She is quite wonderful, charming, and accomplished... She says and does nothing she regrets... She has all the potential I have misspent... I am taunted by her perfection. The problem for me, you see, is not that I compare myself to you, but that I compare myself to someone who doesn't even exist: the other me... I always imagined this other me to be happier than the real me, which made me feel lacking and sad. I wonder: Do we grieve most for what we've lost or for what we never had? Letting go of her, I find I've lost nothing. The entire world was mine to begin with. She was just hitching a ride. I can't believe I put up with her nonsense for so long." -- ...