Friday, October 23

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Daily Practice for September 28, 2016

Daily Practice for September 28, 2016

Word:  Tonight is the night my community is going to start exploring what we do with privilege. I love this video by Franchesca Ramsey that breaks down privilege. She basically says in her best Oprah voice, "You've got privilege! You've got privilege! We've all got privilege!" And that is true. That's the whole idea of intersectionality. We are more than "insert ethnicity." We have economic power. Or educational power. Or gender power. Or ableism power. Or mental health power. And so on. We are a complex integration of all of these concepts. Some points have privilege and some do not. Which means there is always an opportunity to extend our privilege on behalf of someone who may not be privileged in that situation. In my tradition, Jesus would say to give food to the hungry, drink to t...


For the Lenten Photo Invitation: Help How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ~Anne Frank