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Medicine and the Muse

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“In this biomedical revolution, we need the humanities now more than ever.” - Lloyd B. Minor, MD, Dean, Stanford University School of Medicine Writing, poetry and art have been comforts to me throughout my work and personal life. I know their power as meditative processes that relieve physical and mental stress, enhance mental acuity and decision-making, and improve self-image. Artistic pursuits may not cure but they do heal. When I recently transferred to Stanford Health Care I was delighted to find that there is a serious commitment at Stanford University and Stanford Health Care to incorporate the arts into care for patients and into physician training, going beyond the usual poetry and art classes for cancer victims that are offered by some health care organizations.  Stanford is
Daily Practice for November 18, 2016

Daily Practice for November 18, 2016

Word:  I pulled three tarot cards this morning in the past/present/future spread. Super interesting. Past: Octopus: "Practice shapeshifting by altering your physical appearance and mannerisms" Present: Kiwi: "Do a walking meditation each day for the next week" Future: Seagull: "Now is the time for deep emotional healing" In the recent past, in my new appointment, I have been observing and participating without leading in the way I am accustomed to leading. I think there were two psychological/physical pressures at play. (1) I am a new associate pastor appointed just in July to work with a seasoned and beloved veteran. (2) I am still somewhat recovering from the intense health journey of the first 9 months of this year, so energy has been an issue. With these two pressures in mind, I h


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On that note, I see a shift in my corner of the world. The Asheville Wordfest, which did not occur in 2016 due to the father of the organizer, is currently being planned for sometime in the very near future. I think people are beginning to reach beyond the despair and self-pity to figure out how to use their voices in the name of humanity. This week has kicked the mess out of many of us. I'm not going to lie--I felt like I would be living in The Hunger Games after the results were announced and confirmed. So let's go back to work, art-ers. Take it slow if you must, but find your soul again before it is irrevocably lost. Just for the record, life means art; so everyone find your soul and your humanity again before it is lost forever. Use whatever you can to find your way back t...