Friday, July 30

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Tuesday’s Temptation: Neglecting Yourself

Tuesday’s Temptation: Neglecting Yourself

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First, apologies.  We have had intense technical troubles of the blog.  Super happy to be resolved this morning! ... This weekend, I attended my denomination's local Annual Conference (PNW UMC).  This was my first time attending without my bestie, Jane, who passed away a couple years ago.  This was a big deal for me.  She and I were always a matched set at Annual Conference--doing shenanigans and changing church policies for the transformation of the world! Last year, I attempted to go to Annual Conference without her, but it was too soon.  I ended up with a headache that drove me away from the meeting the entire time and holed up in the AirBnb that I rented. A little more stable this year, I made a plan.  I would sit with friends.  I would focus on one volunteer job.  I would tak...
Tuesday’s Temptation: Cutting-Off

Tuesday’s Temptation: Cutting-Off

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There is a way of making a family tree that includes tracking medical, relationship, and personal noticings.  It is called a genogram.  What I found really interesting when I did a relationship genogram for my family is that there are generational patterns of cutting-off.  What this means is that rather than resolve conflict, people simply cut one another off and stop talking. I find myself fighting that temptation every day.  I am so angry and hurt that people that say they love me and my family, my beautiful LGBTQIA family, would vote for someone who actively articulated harm against us.  I am saddened that someone would choose their personal pocket book over the safety of women and children.  I am disgusted that personal values mean so little that the temptation of more personal prof...

Ms. Weary’s Blues

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blues the helpless, hopeless, remorse-filled blues when you've seen the doctor and she's seen you when Time runs out and Eternity beckons blues the darkest hues with shivering slivers of pewter muting to gray, muting to black, muting to light fractures in a surface permeable and permissible, heavenly Light or, so “they” tell me ... But lost in that Universe of Light will “I’ still be? will “you” still be? answer me that What is the character of this Light? Matter or myth? Ah then... after all, pondering on I find I really don’t care I’ll poem my blues and poem my light until all that’s left of me is what I leave behind... and you? Will you leave your unwritten blue poem hanging in the air to be sensed by the few who can? Or, will you, like slaves of old,...