Friday, January 22

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Tuesday’s Temptation:  Seeing what you want to see

Tuesday’s Temptation: Seeing what you want to see

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Again, I'm going to share my daily journal practice.  It is biblical in nature but often the questions are generalizable.  I have been reading and contemplating scripture through the lens of leadership.  I have moved into Song of Songs, often described as a love poem from Solomon to one of his wives. But, I think that is the temptation, we see in Song of Songs, what we want to see. As this is the last page of journaling Song of Songs, I'm contemplating what will be next. Do you have any ideas? Where should I take my quest? Grape clusters swelling Henna buds blossoming The ripeness of peace Song of Songs 7-8 Revealed today is the "ethnicity" of the woman being loved. She is a Shulammite. Sticking with Solomon being the man, translating the meaning of these two names...Shulam...