Monday, April 19

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Gratitude for an MRI Epiphany

Gratitude for an MRI Epiphany

Gratitude, Spirituality, Theology
An MRI machine is surprisingly well suited for epiphanies. After all, you are required to be completely and utterly still, the machine is so loud that nothing can penetrate that noise, and for those 45 minutes you are not responsible for anything else. I discovered this last Monday at 6:45 am. Laying there staring at the alien head sticker placed above my eyes, I suddenly saw the past year and a half laid out before me as if to say, "Look at what you have done and who you are! Don't you see the connections?" It was a moment of sheer connection with the Ground of Being within myself. My God and I in communion. I am so incredibly grateful! You see I have felt scattered and a bit lost since I graduated from Seattle University. Or at least that is what I thought was happening. I also los...

Haiku Moment: chrysalis

Haiku, Poetry
A series of haiku lilacs bloom spreading the scent of love butterflies gather *** caterpillars climb closed cherry blossoms gathering strength cherry blossoms bloom chrysalis spins everlasting promise succulent cherries ripen in sun's warmth drawing butterfly's gaze