Saturday, June 19

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Mindful Monday: Everything's Fine

Mindful Monday: Everything's Fine

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I took last Monday off from writing a blog post. I was tired, depressed, anxious, and dealing with too many whirling thoughts in my head. I can't say I feel much better this Monday, so rather than writing about mindfulness, I thought I'd just be mindful. Instead of trying hard to be insightful and write about ideas and techniques for becoming more mindful -- techniques I want to learn and share -- I'll simply look at what I see right now. I see flowers on the dining room table and sideboard. Today our family celebrates Father's Day and my younger daughter's high school graduation. My husband made a couple of bouquets from flowers gathered in our garden. One vase holds fragrant, dark pink roses. Another overflows with white flowering dogwood in full bloom, with a few stems of euphorbia pee...


This is my son's graduation in 2011. At this time, he was leaving childhood and entering adulthood. Additionally, this particular photo has the bouncing dino. This dino was symbolic of a classmate who committed suicide one week prior to graduation. Perhaps a last moment of spiritual play for these kids with their classmate. My son's classmate left this world because of too much pain to handle. (And props to the administration for sanctioning and encouraging this bouncing dino.) And for those of you who know my son, he's in there! Maybe this will be a game of "Where's Waldo" for you. And apologies for the blurriness. We all felt blurry this day. For the Lenten Photo Invitation #40days #leave #lent #rethinkchurch @rethinkchurch @sophiakris

Update on Seminary Progress

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Well, then...Guess what?  I will be walking on June 10 in the commencement ceremony.  I am not quite "graduated" because the university cancelled one of my planned & required classes that I will take in the fall.  But for all intents and purposes, I am done. I have decided that means I should be more intentional with my blogging.  I think I am going to define my blogging in terms of moments.  We shall see how it goes!  Here's what I'm planning (and please...let me know what you think!) Monday-Lectionary Moment Tuesday-Creative Moment Wednesday-Haiku Moment Thursday-Liturgy Moment Friday-Theology Moment Saturday-Present Moment Sunday-Sacred Moment And, as always, I will pepper it with sharing moments as I reblog those beautiful, provocative posts that I discover! I'm hoping to get s...