Monday, April 12


Inspired by Family

Inspired by Family

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Below is an offering from my son, Colin Jon david Stewart. It is named Stardust. It is an original creation of his. He is singing and ukelele-ing. Larry Bridges, his voice teacher, is on the piano. I have to say that I find both of my children to move me closer to Love. I am proud of who they are and who they are becoming. It is like watching a diamond being formed. Their values of love, connection, generosity and compassion stand against a world that values materialism, one-up-manship, and excess. Their counter-cultural lives inspire me and urge me to live into a life of justice, love, and nonviolence. Thank you, Kennedy & Colin!  

Thoughts on Sexuality and Christianity

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I want to share thoughts from my friend.  She has a lot of great stuff to say!  So, go visit "The Roamin' Rev:  A Smokin' Hot Woman of God" here.  And she has inspired me to share some thoughts that I developed during work on a presentation (along with my team the fabulous Terra, Denise, and Bjorn...woot!). I have to say that in the realm of the body, we, the Western world, have a looooong way to go towards creating a holistic vision of who we are and who we should be.  We have bought into this separation of the mind and the body that Plato proposed a jillion years ago.  The world of forms vs. particulars.  In the world of forms, we have perfection, transcendence, the mind, and reason.  All "good."  In the world of particulars, we have the senses, our opinions, passions, and the body.  Al...