Friday, April 16

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Finding God at Mt. St. Helen: A Sermon

Finding God at Mt. St. Helen: A Sermon

Preached today, 4/21/2013, at Rainier Beach UMC by Terri Stewart Scripture: Genesis 1:1 - 2:3 Today I'm going to speak about creation. Tomorrow is International Earth Day and we wanted to take a moment and remember God's creation, our role in creation, and a quick PSA to remember to recycle when you are here at the church! I remember several years ago when I was in college at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I went to my very first Earth Day event on campus. There was sun, crowds of young adults, and bands. All I could think of was the immense amount of litter that was being created. That seemed a bit ludicrous! Earth Day began in 1970 and was primarily a response to a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. It was created by US Senator Nelson as a national "teach...

Disciple Bible Study: Week 2, Reading 1

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I'm participating in Disciple Bible Study, a 34 week intensive.  Every day, we have different readings (except on the seventh day...resting!).  I have decided to document my initial noticings from a close reading of the scripture.  Well, an attempt at a close reading. Week 2, Reading 1:  Genesis 1:1-2:3   v. 20:  I notice that fish come before birds and before other beasties.  Was this a fishing culture? v. 26:  Regarding the word adam.  It means humankind.  It means 'mud-man.'  It means earth.  When did it first become a proper name? v. 27:  "male and female he created them" means there are two images of God here v. 28:  What if fruitful in "be fruitful and multiply" means something along the lines as spelled out in Christian scripture?  Be gentle, patient, etc. v. 30:  The g...