Friday, July 30

Tag: General Conference

Short Analysis of Call to Action

First, to my non-Methodist friends, this will probably be boring.  Church polity stuff often can be, unless you're a geek like me!  But there are some major structural proposals in front of the global church coming up and here is my brief analysis as executed for Polity class (in 1,000 words or less...couldn't do it...1,600 words or so because I had to get my last point in).  Some folks wanted to read it, so here it is!  Oh, and a note about a particular word:  amenable.  In legal terms, amenable carries quite a lot of weight.  If I am amenable to the President, I must do what the President requests.  Must.  If I am responsible to the President, I should do what the President requests.  Should.  Amenable/Must, Responsible/Should. Call to Action Analysis Soon, the United Methodist Church vi...