Wednesday, August 4

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advent reflection

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pregnant i saw two women meet on the street      (girls, really) and not really meeting more like stalking, assessing, sizing up, hunting red and blue sisters sworn to hatred and harm because of babo and trece throwing their arms wide flashing words, predator eyes, and an arrhythmia of speech, fear and danger permeating the chains on the ground, decay clinging to the skin as the familia becomes watchful     (pieces of coal) ready to be shattered by the roar of the huntress and the inevitable sirens recalling every spaghetti western ever made, they reach into their pockets      (can you hear the music?) hermenegilda extracting the end of blue and the death of red with sonograms of jesús and shedding layers of reptile skin becoming maría      ~Terri Stewart, December 2010 Brief Backgr...