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Sabbath in the Flower

Sabbath in the Flower

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“A world without a Sabbath would be like a man without a smile, like summer without flowers, and like a homestead without a garden. It is the most joyous day of the week.”   -- Henry Ward Beecher ... Sabbath, according to scholars, is a day to rest from changing creation. To rest from being industrious. A day to step into the creation as a whole. Instead of picking the flowers, we look at them. Instead of mowing the grass, we smell it. Instead of cooking fancy meals, perhaps a simpler approach (for some of us)! Additionally, in our resting from consuming creation, we can offer something into it. Build a Lego castle! Paint a picture. Become one with the musical instrument of your choice! It is here that the rub and tension of resting from creation while entering into creating can become a l...

A Serving of Laughter with Sides of Truth and Irony

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Photograph of Pywacket Dedes, 19?? - 2002 (from the family album) Often she looked like this, as though she too was smiling at our jokes. "From over the wall I could hear the laughter of women in a foreign tongue, in the sun-rinsed air of the city. They sat (so I thought) perfumed in their hats and their silks, in chairs on the grass amid flowers glowing and swaying. One spoke and the others rang like bells, oh so witty, like bells till the sound filled up the garden and lifted." The Laughter of Women, Mary Sherman-Willis, The Hudson Review, Autumn 2007 This just in from friend and world-class calligrapher, Linda F. I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So, I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness. Sex is not the answer. Sex is a question. "Yes" is the answe...

Bird of Paradise

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"The forest is a peculiar organism of unlimited kindness and benevolence that makes no demands for its sustenance and extends generously the products of its life and activity; it affords protection to all beings, offering shade even to the axe-man who destroys it.” attributed to The Buddha Thanks to my much treasured friend, Mick B. for this wonderful quote. It reminds me also of the visions of a generous nature sharing often stunning beauty amid the dreck of city life: the intrusive metal posts and gates with their rusty chains; the garbage, dust and dirt; the sometimes awkward or sterile architectures housing human beings boxed and stacked twelve or more stories high. This lush and colorful bird of paradise is thriving in the squalor of a bank parking lot alongside some smelly dumpsters ...