Tuesday, March 2

Tag: fibonacci

March 2 Challenge: Reading

Poetry, Post-a-Day
and so did i gray moors invite and frighten poor mary lennox. parents lost.  warmth of sun removed. all near and dear, departed.            only two small boys here. caught in the middle between grief           and overwhelming joy.            mary learns to be a girl.     A Fibonacci poem for one of my favorite childhood books, The Secret Garden. March 2nd is “Read Across America Day” in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Please add your link in the comments or paste your submission into the comments.  Be a good neighbor and visit and comment on other folk’s works!  Please tag your work “MarchChallenge” Many blessings on your journey. Today's Links:  Mike Patrick Buddha's World of the Arts VivInFrance HoneyHaiku LadyNimue VivInFrance (more camping!) VerseInANutshell OtterBlossom MangetoutAn...