Wednesday, June 23

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JOY  . . .  in letting of fear

JOY . . . in letting of fear

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So many of us are in fear right now - personal, political, cultural -  and it's totally understandable.  It's also a good thing to let it go and today the Native American poet and jazz muscian, Joy Harjo, generously shares her Fear Poem, or I Give You Back. / J.D. Because of the fear monster infecting this country, I have been asked for this poem, this song. Feel free to use it, record it, and share. Please give credit. This poem came when I absolutely needed it. I was young and nearly destroyed by fear. I almost didn't make it to twenty-three. This poem was given to me to share." Joy Harjo Fear Poem, or I Give You Back I release you, my beautiful and terrible fear. I release you. You were my beloved and hated twin, but now, I don't know you as myself. I release you with all th...
Mindful Monday: Working with fear

Mindful Monday: Working with fear

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"We have our conscious day-to-day fears—of a close call, an accident, a bad health diagnosis. But then there is an undercurrent of fear, which is very relevant to practitioners. This undercurrent of fear lurks behind a lot of our habits. It is why it is so hard to just sit still or stand still or stand in line...without feeling nervous and fidgety. We have a fear of being still. "Why do we spin out so many thoughts all the time? We sit and try to quiet the mind but it just rumbles on and on, churning out masses of thought... It’s because of this undercurrent of fear. It’s as though we have to keep things moving. We have to keep ourselves distracted at some fundamental level. We have to keep our momentum going, because it’s pretty scary to think of it stopping... "[...] it helps to se...