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Mindful Monday

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If you get into hollow discussions, your mind will be scattered and you will be unable to attain liberation. You should immediately leave behind a scattered mind and hollow discussions. If you wish to attain the joy of serenity, you need to cure the sickness of hollow discussions. — Buddha's Last Teaching Photo credit: "emptiness," Ghost of Kuji, 2006.
McLuhan, Trump, and the Postmodern Ontology of Randomness

McLuhan, Trump, and the Postmodern Ontology of Randomness

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Does anyone besides me remember Marshall McLuhan? Like a lot of other people, I was drawn to McLuhan and his writings, beginning as a college sophomore in the late 60s and continuing into graduate school in the early 70s. When I was an undergraduate, everyone and their dog was reading Understanding Media. So, at first just to follow campus fashion, I bought the paperback edition of the book and began reading. I was captivated from the first paragraph of the first page. In fact, one of my most vivid memories of that time is of being in my room in my parents’ house and being totally engrossed in Understanding Media while a violent Kansas thunderstorm raged outside. I vaguely remember the air-raid sirens howling holy Hell, warning of an approaching tornado . But I did not come fully aw

On Social Media and Church

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If we could just learn how social media works, we could stop the decline in the churches, reach our young people, and save the world! OK, well, that is what it seems like people are saying.  I have some thoughts that I'd like to share.  Social media will not be the saving grace of the church.  Let me say it again.  Social media will not be the saving grace of the church.  It is a tool, definitely, but learning how to maneuver will not do what we hope it will do. What do we want from social media?  We want young people.  The answer to the graying of the church is the bringing in of blondes, brunnettes, and red-headed young people.  How do we bring them in?  We must reach them!!  How do we reach them?  Through social media!  Oh, wait.  No.  That is how we will reach a segment of that popul