Friday, April 16

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Listen to these words!

Listen to these words!

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I am struck this week by what seems to be endless tragedy. Three mass shootings this month. The deaths of Sandra Bland and Samuel DuBose. The killing of Cecil the lion. And others. Unnamed. Unheard. But mourned nevertheless. And yet, I hold out hope. While we do atrocious things. A friend today said something like, "It's not my image of God that needs hope but my anthropology." Sometimes it just seems like people are, uh, difficult to understand. We reject truth, we reject one another, we reject loving kindness. Sad. I have, however, always believed that we are getting better. We know longer dump our trash out of the window. (We dump our trash into the ocean). But we recycle, compost, and do better. I didn't say it was speedy improvement! Unfortunately, I think we are in a deep dip withi...

Literary Dim Sum

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“We go on to poetry; we go on to life. And life is, I am sure, made of poetry. Poetry is not alien - poetry is . . . lurking round the corner. It may spring on us at any moment.” Jorge Luis Borges, This Craft of Verse Poems clutter the landscape of my mind with bite-sized portions easily committed to memory, ready to be pulled out in a moment of need or want. I like to think of poetry as literary dim sum, which means “touch the heart.” And poems do spring themselves on me and touch the tender places. Depending on the poem and the poet, they may also tickle my funny bone, stimulate my intellect, or confirm some insight. In the art of living hugely, poetry is warp and weft. Whether I am writing poetry or reading it, poetry gifts to me those blessed eureka moments, the moments when I understa...
Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Service

Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Service

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I feel the need to interrupt the regularly scheduled service of daily practices to share my sermon from Sunday. I am convinced that we are at such a time that my tribe, white Euro American, cisgender, educated, and wealthy need to get out of the way of the progress of others. Especially with regard to the treatment of African Americans in our society. It is not okay. It just isn't. We need to address our privilege and dismantle systems of oppression to the best of our ability now. People's lives are at stake. A sermon on Mark 4:35-41 ... Notes: Prayers of the People were "The Doors of the Church Are Still Open": A Litany for Use in Worship Service on Sunday June 21,2015 developed by the AME Council of Bishops to remember the massacre at Mother Emmanuel AME in Charleston, SC. We named al...