Friday, April 16

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Begin Again

Begin Again

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I am experiencing a mood down turn. It could be because of celiac disease weirdness, iron stores plummeting, or because of hypo allergenic diet. Who knows! What I can say is that my motivation, happiness, and habits have been impacted (are being impacted). I have not even wanted to walk or take photos! So I begin again. Beginning again will actually be an upcoming theme for the blog. But it is a return to what is calling me (you?). A moment-by-moment reconnection. Someone wise said something like this (paraphrase/about meditation)... If you have to return your focus 100 times in a minute to God, don't beat yourself up! Rejoice in reconnecting 100 times! And so I begin again.  Look for more on this theme coming up! I have felt "grayed out" over the last week or so. Boo. or like squawk...

Trials on the Trail

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Yesterday, I went hiking to Bridal Veil Falls / Lake Serene in the Central Cascade mountains of Washington. It was a spectacular day. (The weather is forecast to be fabulous all week long leading me to believe somebody is playing with our emotions.) I felt confident I could do the +7 mile hike. BUT I forgot to look at the way the path is (smooth vs. rocky) and the grade or "up-ness."I started out on the popular path and asked a co-hiker what to expect and she told me it was steep but that it was worth it. And that there were a lot of switchbacks. OK. I can do this! I will just take my time and be careful.In February of this year, I was going through a diagnosis of Celiac disease. Now most folks just think that this is digestive only. Well, it is not. It causes inflammation in every part of...