Wednesday, April 21

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Never Again

Poetry, Post-a-Day, Spirituality
never again never again will i be able to see the majesty of the orca fin swimming in the sound and playing with her children while belly-flopping salmon. never again will i see the bald eagle soaring overhead with the only intent of being himself and gathering prey while basking in the glorious sunshine. never again will i have an oregon silverspot land on my shoulder hitching a ride as i ramble along a barren path of evergreen. never again. For National Poetry Month and the Writing Prompt of Poetic Asides (never again) and NaPoWriMo


A River of Stones, aros, Christianity, Haiku, Post-a-Day, Religion, Scripture, Spirituality, Theology
sludge washes to shore whales die of hunger and shame rivers of refuse Daily Haiku #7 Word Challenge:  Anger The Haiku Challenge  Genesis 1:28 - God blessed them and said, "Bear fruit, increase your numbers, and fill the earth--and be responsible for it!  Watch over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and all the living things on the earth!" Photos:  Jose Luis Bello, LA Times, baby seals covered in oil Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as in KOMO News, Baby Whale dies in Puget Sound Citarum River in Indonesia as at Fire Earth:  Environmental Issues