Wednesday, August 4

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The Road To Weimar

The Road To Weimar

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In an 1841 letter to the great Scottish essayist, satirist, and social critic Thomas Carlyle, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “The Anglo-Saxon race [i.e., in the overall context of Emerson’s letter, the British] is proud and strong and selfish. England maintains trade, not liberty.” (italics added) The last five words could be taken as a summary of the state of the current discussion concerning trade and the economics of globalism. All parties to the discussion, regardless of their positions on particular issues, seem determined to “maintain[] trade, not liberty”. I recently ran across what might be considered a classical example of this attitude in an otherwise-excellent article in the Harvard Business Review by Prof. Joan C. Williams,  Distinguished Professor of Law and Founding Director o...

Thoughtful Thursday – Doors

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Basic wakefulness, natural openness, is always available. This openness is not something that needs to be manufactured. When we pause, when we touch the energy of the moment, when we slow down and allow a gap, self-existing openness comes to us. It does not require a particular effort. It is available anytime. As Chögyam Trungpa once remarked, “Openness is like the wind. If you open your doors and windows, it is bound to come in.” Pema Chodron Does your faith open doors or close them? **************** A reminder about what Thoughtful Thursday is: Theos – God, Logos – Words So, literally, theos-logos, theology, is words about God. These are some of my favorite thoughts! I ask myself what is my relationship to the Divine? What is the Divine’s relationship to others? Other people? Other...