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Burkini Enforcement:  On The Hijab Training, En Francaise

Burkini Enforcement: On The Hijab Training, En Francaise

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A very modest short-range extrapolation of recent events makes it quite reasonable to predict that, in the near future, France’s zeal to stand athwart the supposed Saracen tide ostensibly menacing European civilization will lead the French Senate and National Assembly to punish Muslim women who refuse to remove their burka-like beach- and swimwear by deporting them to some small, Third World country. But even if that possibility never materializes, the whole burkini prohibition does illustrate the difference between religious liberty as it exists in the US and as it exists in France, and in the process exemplifies the differences the European Enlightenment assumed in both places. It should also caution us left-wingers / progressives that, when conservative evangelical Christians critique “...
Daily Practice for August 31, 2016

Daily Practice for August 31, 2016

Word:  Sometimes, I am so disappointed in people. Today is such a day. I received two stories of racism in Seattle yesterday and witnessed one on Sunday. A brief summary. A friend (African American, female presentation), who interacts with much of the same people I do, told me of her interactions with a person that I know. My friend was labelled as someone with "an attitude" as the first thing out of this woman's mouth. Then it was followed up with many micro-aggressions that all tended to put the label of "angry black woman" onto my friend. And also including the idea that my friend would not be smart enough which is a trope put onto black students for time immemorial. Another friend (African American, male presentation), told me they interacted with someone who simply told them, "...
Sailing with Ulysses

Sailing with Ulysses

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One need not leave one's armchair to undertake the Journey of the Hero. Such can happen entirely inside one's skull. Though it is gradually coming to seem downright quaint these days, this concept of education was the rule rather than the exception until quite late in the 20th century. This is my personal account of how I embarked upon that journey, and why it is not over. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Life-changing moments are usually recognized as life-changing only in retrospect. But occasionally, such a moment is recognized, however dimly, as life-changing at the time it occurs. One of the latter, for me, occurred when my advanced-placement (AP) eighth-grade English teacher, M...