Monday, April 12

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Daily Practice 2017.09.05 – Climate of Fear

Daily Practice 2017.09.05 – Climate of Fear

Meditation I am back from vacation. Our vacation consisted of traveling through Washington via camping. We went to Birch Bay, La Conner, and Winthrop. Adding in visits to Bellingham, Mount Vernon and to Chelan. Basically half of our time was on the western side of the state where we had just recovered from being smoked out by fires in Canada. Then we transitioned to the eastern side of the state where we lived in smoke from fires in Oregon. I was quite amazed that the smoke reached Winthrop. Winthrop is in the northern part of Washington. The fires were in Oregon. A fair piece away. Every morning we wiped our table down to remove the ash that accumulated overnight (and at every meal). Additionally, Washington state was on the verge of being on fire everywhere. So dry. We of the rainy s...

Ladybug’s Tabernacle

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Ladybug’s Tabernacle Welcome to the tabernacle of the ladybug! Join us in our opening hymn, The Glory of the Tree. Glory, Glory, Glory to the highest. Glory, Glory, Glory to the tree. Gracious Tree of Life, You precede our needs with a path laid in wisdom. The crooked cracks of your bark lead us to sustenance. Grant us the wisdom to walk the labyrinth of crevices. Relying on you to provide the guidance we need. To arrive at the life-giving source. In the name of the Tree, the Leaf, and the Aphid, Amen. © 2009, Terri Stewart Inspired by photography of Christine Valters Paintner of Abbey of the Arts.

Random Quote

It's really important for women to take care of the Mother Earth that we live on today.  Your mother might die, but you still live on this earth.  Your mother's the one that does everything for you.  The Mother Earth does the same. Lena Sooktis, Northern Cheyenne, 1993 Native Wisdom, HarperCollins, 1995, edited by Joseph Bruchac.  Page 60.