Friday, July 30

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Gratitude is the Key that Opens Our Hearts

Gratitude is the Key that Opens Our Hearts

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image credit: Contemplative Monk (Facebook Page) Gratitude is like a key that opens our hearts up to heaven, creating more space within us for abundance, at the same time, integrating the spirituality of heaven within and through us. ~ Bob Holmes Gratitude often does seem to be the key that unlocks heaven on earth for us. It causes us to open our hearts, minds, and spirits leaving room for the Divine to fill us up with abundance. How? Because when we get out of the way and express gratitude - we often are giving of ourselves and are therefore an open flowing body of water. This gives the Divine the opportunity to pour into us because the Divine isn't going to pour into an already full vessel. When we express gratitude in all aspects of our lives - we allow the Divine of the Universe...

stray thoughts while walking along the beach

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Cliff House from Ocean Beach, San Francisco 1. how painful it is for them to write, those poets in tough-times and hard places, where blood and tears and poverty contaminate the air, stain the sidewalks and consume the people the blood must be soul-sick and rusted and tasting of acid, not salt, the poems meant to heal the writer and stroke the cheeks of the wounded, to dry their eyes and gently kiss their gray heads to poem in such places must be like walking shoeless on glass shards perhaps the most sacred thing in a poet's dream meadow is Light do they awaken to see the Divine on the battlefield, in the camps, in housing projects and ghettos or when living rough on the street ... if so, they are saints, not merely bards 2. in the safe confines of my world, my civilized world, life is sim...
Finding Your Friends

Finding Your Friends

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Wednesdays is where we practice noticing where Love walks among us--where we have felt the presence of Love or noticed its absence. Upon reflection over the last week, I have found Love in my FOO - my friends of origin! They are awesome! Over the last week, from Thursday to Sunday, I was at the Pacific Northwest United Methodist Annual Conference meeting. While this is not unusual, what was different for me this year was that I spent the time with a wonderful friend. We planned our meals together, drive to & fro, and she let me stay at her apartment which was MUCH closer than where I live. We supported each other emotionally through conference discussions and gave each other the freedom to go and do our separate business and our separate friend visiting. It was a wonderful time spent ...