Saturday, March 6

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“Living” – that being the operative word  – With “Disability”

“Living” – that being the operative word – With “Disability”

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I have been living with a chronic potentially life-threatening illness for many years now. It's been enlightening and not just because of what I've learned about myself. I've found it interesting to observe people's reactions to physical disability, in my case that means visible life-support (oxygen). Sometimes we actually become invisible - especially if our hair is graying - and sometimes we are treated with kindness (always appreciated) or with an inappropriate solicitude (not appreciated). You don't need to shout at me. You don't need to read forms to me. My lung capacity is an issue, not my hearing, my mental acuity or my ability to take care of myself and negotiate the world. Honestly, chronic exhaustion and needing help lifting, carrying or shopping are inconveniences, irritating an...