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See The Art in Me–See The Heart in Me

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My friend Anna Meade designed this shirt. She's doing a fundraiser to raise awareness for postpartum depression and to raise money for art supplies for women dealing with PPD.That's not one of my particular issues, but I have lived with depression for many years. I can't imagine trying to care for a baby while feeling like depression feels. I love the message "See the Art in Me" because I know that art that comes from the heart can heal. Anna and friends like her have taught me that it's true. When I hear "See the Art in Me," I can't help but hear "See the Heart in Me."  They sound like deep cries of pain and someone's  longings to be seen and heard. So often it's hard to find those words to say when you feel invisible to those around you. Thanks, Anna, for helping me find my voice. Tha

Mindful Monday: Take heart!

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I've struggled with recurrent depression, generalized anxiety, and symptoms of post-traumatic stress most of my adult life. As a result, I often find myself with depleted emotional reserves from which to draw when new challenges, crises, or painful anniversaries come along. Depression's waves usually take their sweet time to erode the sand from around my feet, but this week it moved in so fast, it suddenly left me with little ground on which to stand. The hopelessness and despair were tsunami-like. I thought I was washed away for yet another long count, but as I was lying under four covers in a dark room on a sunny day with my head under a pillow and a fan whirring to drown out the sounds of life and the tormenting voice in my head, I heard another inner voice. It had the piping tones of ...

Mindful Monday: Burning down the house!

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After having a mild anxiety attack Sunday evening, I googled "Buddhism and panic attacks" to see what would pop up. I found a half-hour dharma talk on 3/24/11 by Josh Korda at Dharmapunx NYC + Brooklyn about anxiety relief. I recommend it. He discusses both the Buddha's and modern neuroscience's wisdom about why anxiety arises in our minds. I won't rehash the whole talk, but I do want to share what he says early on. Korda explains that when the amygdala (the fear center in our brain) fires up, it's often because it misfires (that's just its nature) as well as for reasons of which we aren't usually consciously aware.  When we experience the physical unease associated with the release of cortisol, the meaning-making part of our brain looks around and tries to explain why we feel anxious. It'