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What The “Fork” Is “The Good Place” About?

What The “Fork” Is “The Good Place” About?

Every so often, a TV series proves to be a “sleeper,” not only in terms of its unexpected popularity, but also in terms of its ability to conceal profound philosophical, even theological, principles, under an unprepossessing but deceptive superficiality. Such a series is, and has been for the last four years, The Good Place. My wife and I started watching The Good Place in season one, and I initially was put off by its apparent – but, as it turned out, its only apparent – cotton-candy-lighthearted take on the afterlife and the various accompanying ethical and metaphysical problems. The Good Place is now in its final season, the writers and producers having taken to heart Aristotle’s common-sense rule that any narrative must have a Beginning, a Middle, and an End. Between the first sea...
Pondering the Premiere of the Post-Modern Presidency

Pondering the Premiere of the Post-Modern Presidency

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To a few of you, the following sentence will be like saying “Elvis has left the building”, i.e., old news. But to many others, it will be very much in the vein of “Main bites dog,” i.e., novel to the point of being revolutionary. Anyway, here goes … the European Enlightenment is now officially over.  “Over” as in “dead as last week’s oatmeal” or “as passé as disco fever and bell-bottom pants” or "As useless as invitations to Hillary Clinton's inaugural ball". (Yeah, I know ... still too soon for me, too ... sorry ... apologies!)  Probably many fewer of you are aware of the likely – not strictly certain, but this is the way to bet – replacement ideology:  (some form of) postmodernism.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but the operative word in the third sentence (beginning “Anyway, he...


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volcano you are drilling into my base disrupting   my sleep as if i have no life of my own.  extracting the useful minerals and elements and rocks and life to manipulate.           like i am one big box of crayons for you to use as you create life in your image.  not the pack of 64 crayons not the pack of 128 but the infinite colors of life but you use only burnt sienna.   wake up! i am Mother Gaia the colors of the cosmos life comes on my terms.            do not push me beyond the limits sustainable by creation it will not be pretty.                       Terri Stewart, 2010  Well, it seems it has been quite a year.  I never really put it all together until Friday.  -Sarah, my beloved Beagle, died of cancer in July of 2009 -I finally did the heavy lifting grieving work ...