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Mindful Monday: “To know the dark, go dark.”

Mindful Monday: “To know the dark, go dark.”

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To Know The Dark by Wendell Berry To go in the dark with a light is to know the light. To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight, and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings, and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings. … Sometimes during meditation, dark things from our lives arise. To know the dark, go dark in the present moment. ... for Mindful Monday ... © March 17, 2014, post, Donna Pierce Poem: "To Know the Dark" by Wendell Berry, from The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry. © Counterpoint, 1999. Photo credit: "St. Mary at Night," 2008, by skapheandros. #mindful #monday #findingGod
A Flash From the Past for Inspiration Sunday

A Flash From the Past for Inspiration Sunday

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How to Enter the Darkness Originally Posted on April 3, 2010 by Terri Stewart headlines from the daily crucifixion five died today unemployment rises militants surge suicide bombers widow gay man beaten noose faxed militia plot toddler dies orphan refinery burns arsenic infects land nuclear waste seeps stranger Lenten Reflection: In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless wasteland, and darkness covered the abyss, while a mighty wind swept over the waters. Then God said, ”Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw how good the light was. God then separated the light from the darkness. God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” Thus evening came, and morning followed-the first day. -Genesis 1:1-5 Thoughts: ...
Writing Our Fears  – Prayerful Tuesday

Writing Our Fears – Prayerful Tuesday

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  Truly in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest (Quran 13.28) In the last week I have begun reading the book Out of Darkness Into Light by Jamal Rahman, Kathleen Schmitt Elias and Ann Holmes Redding.[1] The book gives a wonderful introduction to spiritual guidance found in the Quran with reflections from the Jewish and Christian Faith provided by MS Elias and MS Redding respectfully.  The three faiths Islam, Jewish, Christian are siblings and we share more than just a connection with Abraham, we share hearts. As a Christian I am well versed in my own tradition, practices and beliefs but reading Jamal’s writings and MS Elias’ writings has opened up interesting doors into the shared space of our three faiths.  One of those doors is called Spiritual Practice. I have always known...