Monday, July 26

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Tuesday’s Temptation:  Not Being Curious

Tuesday’s Temptation: Not Being Curious

I waffled about what today's post is:  Not Being Curious or Forgetting. It is about how we approach history. Do we forget the unpleasant bits? Or are humans not curious enough to ask questions raising up the unpleasant bits? Maybe both. But for today, I'll go with not being curious. I just got back from Grenada. It is beautiful there. I had no idea what to expect. I have only been to the Caribbean once about 30 years ago when I literally won a trip in a drawing to go to the Cayman Islands. I chose Grenada because we were recommended to go to an all-inclusive resort for a change--we normally camp and do lots of work on vacations. The suggestion was to take it easy, I believe. Also, my hubs was tired of doing so much work during our camping vacations. For once, a little pampering was in o...
Tuesday’s Temptation: The Single Story

Tuesday’s Temptation: The Single Story

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The Single Story is the one thing we tell ourselves that all of our understanding rests on. For many of us, we heard the phrase, "It your food! There are starving children in China!" The single story is that children in China starve. This wheedles its way into our lives. For example, I was having an argument with my husband while we were on vacation. I was hungry and we were out of town shopping in a grocery store we don't normally shop in. My goal was to get shopping done as quickly as possible so we could solve the rising problem of hunger. We split up so we could work twice as fast. My husband was having a problem finding the groceries we needed. The story that I told myself was that he wasn't trying hard enough. I was about to get into a full flight of fury when instead, borrowing f...
Becoming Earthlings

Becoming Earthlings

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It might be a good idea to save this “Skeptics Collection” column, print it off, and put it in a safe-deposit box or a time capsule. You see, this post is going to be in the nature of a movie review. Sorta. Kinda. I normally do not do movie reviews, and consider movie reviews about as relevant to me, personally, as a bicycle is to a fish. Or a condom to a Republican. (Sorry … couldn’t resist!) But I am going to make an exception in the case of the recent and justly renowned Matt Damon science-fiction movie The Martian. Virtually all the reviews I have read concentrate on the movie as a paean to international cooperation, the STEM disciplines, and an essential optimism about the ability of the human species to triumph over catastrophe. All that is true. The Martian is all those things. But ...