Sunday, March 7

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A REMINDER: Why We Need to Resist

Freedom, justice, Resistance
The family patriarch was a big man a big crude red-faced rooster of a man with cock’s comb of jet that wilted in the golden glow of an honest sun He wrapped fear around himself in the way of a frail old woman with her shawl His boom and blather made the girl shiver like the surface of a pond brushed by a dark wind In a greedy closet big enough to live in he gathered his indulgences and ego props He grew fat and aggressive on flesh foods and alcohol He drove a big car and parking it made sure to intrude on his neighbor’s grace He thought himself a “man’s man” and kept the women in their places, as defined by him He whipped the elder son into nervous abandon, trying to craft him into a clone and a validation To keep the upper hand, he pitted his boys against each other, ...