Saturday, October 24

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cosmos calls

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cosmos calls hoping against hope grace abounds From Inspired by the Lenten Journey reading of Romans 4:13-25 P.S.  The word in this scripture that is 'world' that is promised to Abraham is cosmos in the Greek. People on a Lenten Journey Becca Givens at On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea Terri at What About God? Jonathan Stone Granbee Michael (Booguloo) Chèvrefeuille Roy DeLeon at Expressive Prayer

Ad Infinitum

Poetry, Post-a-Day, Spirituality
children reflected     in unbounded infinite veins impressed      on newly minted leaves absence of color      in star's violent light shuttered eyelashes      of a newborn pup queen of heaven      in a soaring eagle tickles of wheat      on a lover's ear cosmos condensed      in a charming quark loving kindness      in your mercy hands outstretched      ad infinitum Shalom. Prompted by Verse in a Nutshell, “Never Ending Space”