Sunday, April 11

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Tuesday’s Temptation:  Silence

Tuesday’s Temptation: Silence

It is tempting to fall into silence when confronted with people whose attitudes and choices are so much different than your own.  For example, we know that Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, leaders of the alt-right movement, are planning to have another rally and march, similar to the one they had at Charlottesville where Heather Heyer was killed.  I decided to do something about it and I hope you will join me.  What follows is what I created today. Unite with Might We are uniting together to stand against hate and to promote hope, love, and inclusion for all of our neighbors. Sometimes it seems that there is so much hatred in the world that it is impossible to know what to do next.  But changing hate to hope, loneliness to love, paranoia to peace, isolation to inclusion, starts with u...
Everything’s All Right

Everything’s All Right

Friendship, Gratitude
  As I sit here at the local library reflecting on gratitude - I am reminded of an event this week that happened to me where a member of my old church verbally attacked me. I reached out to my big brother and that started a ripple effect. See he likes to watch out for and protect me something I haven't had in life. When I told him what happened, my big brother reached out to two of our mutual friends that he knew I respected and went to for council. He knew I needed to be surrounded by friends of like-minded faith and he reacted out of love. That night I spent a LOT of time on Facebook messenger and I received a TON of pastoral care, love, guidance and strength. I walked away with one of them telling me they believed for me that I could hold on. I cried as I typed messages pour...
Tuesday’s Temptation: Checking out of Responsibility

Tuesday’s Temptation: Checking out of Responsibility

prayer, Prayer Practice
It is an interesting question: How responsible for our conditions are we? Certainly, if I actively dig divots in their driveway, I am responsible for making their lives harder. But what if I passively ignore other people digging divots in their driveway? Am I not still responsible? What if I actually chase after those who are digging divots? What am I responsible for there? That's the sticky wicket. I chase after the divot diggers and they respond with violence. My chase failed, but I tried. What am I responsible for? What if the divot diggers are basically untouchable? Maybe they are the city council digging up the driveway of my neighbor for a street widening project?  My neighbor is still harmed. How do I help my neighbor are the concomitant systems that are associated with a s...