Friday, April 16

Tag: Christology


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Gravity bends light. Jesus is the light. What are the implications for Christology if these two statements are true?  There is a triumphalism strand of Christology that has the light victorious over all darkness and the entire world.  Colonial Christianity, if you will.  Perhaps if Christians can hold the idea that the light can be bent or changed, we can get our heads around the idea that Christianity, religion, and whatever spiritual path you follow can change over time.  What was true for Christians in 35 CE differs from truth for Christians in 90 CE differs from truth for Christians in 2011 CE.  How can it not differ?  We are totally different people in totally different situations!  And there is truth and TRUTH.  And there is untruth.  And there is UNTRUTH.  Most of the time it is e...