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December poems ~ “Look to the Light” (Hanukkah), “The Magnificat” (Advent and Christmas) &  Mevlûd-i Peygamberi (the Birth of the Prophet)

December poems ~ “Look to the Light” (Hanukkah), “The Magnificat” (Advent and Christmas) & Mevlûd-i Peygamberi (the Birth of the Prophet)

Look to the light, the light in the window, The simple lit candles that shimmer and shine. The message is clear as simple lit candles, The passion for freedom is yours and is mine. - Rabbi Dan Grossman December is a month rich in the holy days of the Abrahamic traditions. Jews celebrate Hanukkah, a commemoration of the Jewish reclamation of The Temple of Jerusalem in 164 B.C.E. Christians celebrate Advent - a period of waiting for the birth of Christ - followed by His birth, Christmas.  Muslims celebrate the birth of the Prophet in November or December depending on the lunar calendar. We do not need faith to appreciate the beautiful poems, music and artwork inspired by our religions, Abrahamic or others. Look to the Light In 164 B.C.E., the Syrians who ruled Is...
Thought about Christmas

Thought about Christmas

I am down to one hand this week so I will be brief. I ran across this quote yesterday and I believe it to be wise. It also is contrary to the evangelicalism that is spread by our President and others. While it is decidedly Christian, I hope we can all appreciate it. "So let me just say this. There is no war on Christmas. Please don't share those silly memes about how important it is to insist on Merry Christmas rather than Happy Holidays (and don't buy the lie that Obama and we liberals made it so America couldn't say Merry Christmas anymore. That is a lie) This "war" is made up by people who have no idea what Christmas is all about. Christmas is about love, not hate. It is about servant-hood, not domination. It is about heart, not legalism. It is about letting go, dying to ego, not ins...

SHALOM, SALAAM, GREETINGS as we are midway between Christmas and New Year and Half-way Through Hanukkah

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If you are reading this in an email subscription, you'll have to link through to the site to listen to this charming and cheery musical dialogue between Judaism and Christianity. ENGLISH VERSION: SPANISH VERSION: A musical dialogue between Rabbi Marcelo Polakoff and Bishop Monseñor Pedro Torres, with musical production by Fernando "Rahe" Israilevich. A greeting of good omens for the whole world. - Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day)