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Thoughtful Tuesday: An artful response

Thoughtful Tuesday: An artful response

Argh! I am just beginning sabbatical. I packed everything. And the tiny suitcase of my art supplies is sitting. at. home. So, pleh. I am officially on sabbatical. It started Sunday just after launching Manna: An Online Worship for All. That effort, to launch a new service, in a new way, on time, and with zero budget, I suppose, was an artful response to the woes of the world. We created Manna to stand in for those people who are in places where they cannot access a Christian community that affirms who they are. It is planned and led by LGBTQIA+ people. We had people as far flung as Cambodia, Sierra Leone, the Congo, England, and of course, all ends in the US, but especially, I noticed, the southern ends. It is true that the Christian south has a reputation for not including, aff...

Thoughtful Thursday – Ten Things the Church Can’t Do While Following Jesus

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Reprinted with permission of the author. Ten Things the Church Can't Do While Following Jesus by Mark Sandlin The Christian church is full of Christians, right? Sadly, the answer you'll get to that question is heavily dependent on whom you are asking. Certainly, the church should be full seeking to follow Christ, seeking to follow the teachings of Jesus. However, increasingly, there are those who claim the church is full of hypocrites. They are not saying the church only has hypocrites. That's clearly not true. They are simply pointing out there are surprisingly high numbers of people going to church, calling themselves Christians but whose actions run counter to what Jesus taught. I believe we can do better. Which brings us to the first thing on my list of the “10 Things THE CHURCH ...


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Today's text, from Matthew 25:31 onward, reminds us that when we feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, visit the incarcerated and sick, and take care of the stranger, we are serving Christ. It goes further to suggest that nations will be separated in judgment by how they embody these actions. When I see what is happening today, pitting police against student or worker or the vulnerable, I am deeply saddened. This is not the vision of shalom that Jesus lived, died, and was resurrected for. It tears my heart to see police faceless behind mirrored glasses spraying students who are faceless with heads tucked into jackets. This is NOT what OCCUPY is about. OCCUPY is about how we, as a nation, as a people, have lost track of the hungry, thirsty, sick, and stranger. How we have let our nat...