Saturday, April 17

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Welcome to the First-Ever Victim-Blaming Olympics!

Welcome to the First-Ever Victim-Blaming Olympics!

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Could we please take a time out from the opening ceremonies of the First-Ever Post-Terrorist-Attack Victim-Blaming Olympics in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre? Good … I think we’ll all feel better … especially if we use the breathing space to take a healthy swig of Gatorade, to recover our sense of rationality, and to recalibrate our moral compasses. Both latter qualities have been in dismayingly short supply lately – and, most dismayingly of all, among people who would describe themselves with various terms like “progressive,” “liberal,” and “left-wing.” Let’s remember in particular who the victims were and who the perpetrators were: (1) the victims were the 12 people working for Charlie Hebdo -- plus another 4 to 6 bystanders -- who were exercising their rights, under French law,...
Mindful Monday: "The Want of Peace"

Mindful Monday: "The Want of Peace"

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My mind has been in a turmoil of words and opinions -- mine and others' -- since the Charlie Hebdo killings. The whirling sensations and thoughts caused me to turn to Wendell Berry's plaintive "The Want of Peace." When you're in a tornado, go to ground. The Want of Peace by Wendell Berry All goes back to the earth, and so I do not desire pride of excess or power, but the contentments made by men who have had little: the fisherman's silence receiving the river's grace, the gardener's musing on rows. I lack the peace of simple things. I am never wholly in place. I find no peace or grace. We sell the world to buy fire, our way lighted by burning men, and that has bent my mind and made me think of darkness and wish for the dumb life of roots. ... What are you noticing ab...

Mindful Monday: Don't-Know Mind

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  "If you claim a position, you don't have the correct view." The Fifth Dalai Lama (1617-1682) ...  What are you noticing about how the mind scrambles to form an opinion? ... ... for Mindful Monday   © January 12, 2015, post: Donna Pierce Source: Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso, The Graded Stages of the Path: Personal Instructions from Manjushri Photo credit: "Eiffel Tower (after the rain), Paris," Kimberly Jansen, 2011