Friday, July 30

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Mindful Monday

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If you get into hollow discussions, your mind will be scattered and you will be unable to attain liberation. You should immediately leave behind a scattered mind and hollow discussions. If you wish to attain the joy of serenity, you need to cure the sickness of hollow discussions. — Buddha's Last Teaching Photo credit: "emptiness," Ghost of Kuji, 2006.
Daily Practice for September 6, 2016

Daily Practice for September 6, 2016

Word:  I went away to the Wenatchee Forest, deep into the woods and camped with my youngest and my hubs. It was lovely. I made a point of not doing much because I am still healing from tearing the tendon near my pec minor muscle. It is incredibly hard for me to NOT do things to stress that tear. But I'm trying. It is getting better but not on my schedule. Haha! When we got back on Saturday, we bustled around putting away camping supplies, doing laundry, and such. Then, yesterday, church happened. It was our last in a series of "Creating." We focused on co-creating our worship service together! It was delightfully appropriate and yielded some good information. We actually walked through the worship, during worship, and asked questions and offered information as to why we do different se...