Saturday, July 31

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Tuesday’s Temptation:  Rushing

Tuesday’s Temptation: Rushing

Right now, at this place and time, viewing the world's challenges seems to be an impossible task. If I back up and let my gaze rest gently on the seemingly impossible problems, I feel like the breath is knocked right out of me. The temptation, then, is to rush past it. We will never be able to find creative solutions unless we can pause, breathe, and then move in. Pausing and viewing the lay of the land is necessary. Breathing is also a known antidote to trauma. One of the trauma informed care books I read went into the science of breathing and it is something like this. When we exhale a longer breath than our inhale, it starts to calm the autonomic nervous system. So my practice for deep breathing is to simply count my breaths. Inhale-2, Exhale-2-3-4. Other types of breathing exerci...