Wednesday, December 2

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Tuesday’s Thoughts

Tuesday’s Thoughts

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Angry storm clouds Flashing impassive bolts Igniting dead wood   Job 36-37 Today, Elijah/Elihu goes further into his own theology.  It is one where God punishes the wicked swiftly and quickly. I think this is the world we wish was true. That those who hurt us would experience cosmic karma swiftly. But do we? Sometimes, our in the moment thought of revenge passes as we recover our values for love, mercy, justice, and peace. The most humorous part of these two chapters is Elijah/Elihu's (E.) declaration that he "will draw from his broad knowledge" and has "total knowledge" (36:3-4). Oh, Elijah. A wee bit full of yourself, are you? Also, "none of the wise can see him {God}." Yep. Only E. knows best. *side eye* Random thought: I apologize for the male only language fo...
Tuesday’s Thoughts:  Close Reading

Tuesday’s Thoughts: Close Reading

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I'm reading the Bible through again but art journaling and writing poetry inspired by what I'm reading.  I'm also trying to do a close reading.  Close reading, according to Duke Divinity School is: A close reading involves a careful balance of argument and evidence, all centered rigorously on the text at hand. Like biblical exegesis, a close reading begins with a careful study of what the text actually says, word by word and line by line. I think it also involves putting preconceived notions away for a while.  For my reading, I do that.  For my poetry, I sometimes borrow notions from other places.  I did that today to delve into the symbolism of a tree that is cut down.  Going through Job has me putting away the notion of the perfect Job and the imperfect friends.  For now.  We'll see wh...
Tuesday’s Temptation:  Finding a new way to look at things

Tuesday’s Temptation: Finding a new way to look at things

Today, rather than talk about temptations, I'm going to share my daily journal practice.  It is biblical in nature but often the questions are generalizable.  I have been reading and contemplating scripture through the lens of leadership.  The more I read, the more I am convinced that nothing has changed.  Perhaps that is the temptation--to think that we are unique unicorns when in fact, we are the same as the people before us. In my daily journal practice, I create art directly into my Bible and write some sort of poetic response, most frequently haiku.  By next week, I'll be done with Isaiah and looking into Song of Songs. Drawn from the sea A people remembered: You are my delight Isaiah 63-64 Whew! I'm getting close to the end of Isaiah. In these chapters, Israel is back...