Monday, June 21

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Response to Psalm 23

Response to Psalm 23

Responding to Psalm 23 When the darkness comes And your enemies attack Faithful love is there When I started to do my artwork (#nojudging but you have no idea how much I wish I didn't make the tree in the corner) this morning, I was listening to The Daily from the NY Times. This is a podcast that does an in depth analysis of a single news story. Today's story, as I contemplated Psalm 23, was the case of Sudan killing unarmed protesters. It sounded horrible. Monitoring social media, they saw where protesters were gathering, they closed off the area, and started killing them. This is the military that has taken rule since they deposed the previous leader--which the protesters were in favor of. However, the protesters did not expect a military rule that was like, "Uh, in two years we'...

Thoughtful Thursday: This I Believe

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One of the most difficult things that humans do is make meaning from their current situation. In seminary, we were asked to do any assignment called, "This I Believe." I still treasure the product of that assignment and will share it below. If you're curious about the origins of belief in Christian Biblical literature, there is a brief summary here. Regardless, here are a few questions to ponder and be thoughtful about - What is belief? How is belief lived out in your life? Does belief evolve over time? If belief evolves over time, what does that mean? Could your belief be your particular window into the world? Or is your belief everyone's window into the world? windows as i look behind i see a path of aged stone worn away at the edges cementing to its neighbor existing since the a...

Thoughtful Thursday-Is God Compassionate?

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Questions to ponder as you read the excerpt below. Remembering that Thoughtful Thursday is in the spirit of trying to enter into understanding of the other and of yourself. Ponder your social location prior to the reading below. Your social location is the things that make up who you are. I am a mother of two in the PacNW who has grown up wandering the US. One of my children is transgender. I work in the (in)justice system. This understanding of myself leads me to have a certain inclination in life. The first step in understanding others and entering into their reality is understanding yourself. Now, onward to the task. What does this provoke in your spirit? Can you feel something stirring in your body? Where is that located? Are you attracted or repulsed? What do you seek to understand? ...