Monday, May 17

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Daily Practice for October 4, 2016

Daily Practice for October 4, 2016

Word:  Today is that day. Tuesdays are supposed to be my day off. My sleep-in day. My do-nothing-I-don't-want-to-do-day. Well, it didn't begin that way. I was awakened by a panicked son. "I missed my bus to school" (college). That is two weeks in a row that there have been transportation snafus on my day. This is important to me because I drive a zillion miles every week doing stuff. Extra driving is not in my world plan. I punted the situation to his brother. It got punted back to me. I hauled myself out of bed and took him to school. How disappointing. And, looking at my day, I had the every lovely mammogram scheduled for the morning and a need to get some reading done for my doctoral program. So much for any semblance of rest. But as I sat at the mammogram place, I thought, "So w...

Waging Peace

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Thanks to many of you who read here, the December issue of "The BeZine" with its special section "Waging Peace" went moderately viral with more visits and more shares through the whole diversity of social media than ever before. It did our hearts good. It was healing to see just how many people supported the ideas and ideals expressed in this special section. For those of you who missed "Waging Peace," do your own heart good and check it out. Waging Peace An Interfaith Exploration You are the promise . . . the one . . . the hope, Rev. Ben Meyers, Unitarian Universalist cleric What Have We Done That People Can Pick Up Weapons and Kill?, Fr. Daniel Sormani, C.S.Sp., Catholic Priest With Faith In Love Beyond All Beliefs, an open letter, Unitarian Universalist clerics Dear Non-Mu...

Doing Justice While Making Peace With the Past, Part 2

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I needed to sort out my thoughts and feelings about the first part of this story before coming back to it. Even though I didn't realize it at the time, I am still living with some of the lies. I've debated how open and honest I want to be about all of this, because I want to seem that I still have it all together--mostly together anyway. I do use a wheelchair around the house now because of a new diagnosis that has taken the spotlight--Chiari malformation. I get headaches that don't respond to Advil or Tylenol or any of the usual pain relievers. I get dizzy when I stand up, and I can fall if I don't grab onto something and hang on as quickly as possible. Needless to say, I try to stay seated as much as possible. The pressure in my head has affected my vision so that I can no longer wear t...