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On Regretting Its Death by Drowning

Joy, Spirituality
It is always interesting to me, this business of feeding - of inspiring - one another with our art and poetry . . .  Buddhist artist Paula Kuitenbrouwer (Mindful Drawing) tells a sweet tale of the near-death of a beetle at her home in the Netherlands. The tranquil garden-drawing Paula completed to commemorate the day is lovely and the first line of her post is both an homage to her unutterable respect for life and absolute poetry filled with the promise of story. "I found a Carabidae beetle in a bucket with water and regretted its death by drowning... " The line put me in mind of Isak Dinesen's unforgettable opening for Out of Africa, "I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills . . . " Something about those evocative sentences lets you know there's a good story to come. And the