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Mindful Monday: No past or future breath

Mindful Monday: No past or future breath

Buddhism, meditation, mindfulness, Spirituality
"Every inhalation is a fresh start and every exhalation is letting go. Paying attention to the natural movement of the breath teaches you everything. The breath is totally present. It can't happen anytime but now. There is no past breath or future breath. There is no secret to the breath, and nothing to figure out. Breath is the utterly perfect function of pure being. We are soothed, strengthened, amazed and made grateful by the breath, which is life. There's nothing more to want or wish for." -- Karen Maezen Miller What are you noticing about your breathing in the present moment? ... for Mindful Monday Source: Photo Credit: "Sunrise meditation," Karl Grenet, 2013.
Mindful Monday: Stop, Drop, and Text

Mindful Monday: Stop, Drop, and Text

Buddhism, contemplation, mindfulness, spiritual practice, Spirituality
I just received an email from Living Compassion, a program associated with the Zen Monastery Peace Center in Murphys, CA. The email offers the opportunity to commit to a six-week text-based class in which we text a trained facilitator three times a day about our “process” in that moment. What is a process text? “It includes three components: identifying (1) the process you are looking at, (2) what you are seeing about that process, and (3) where you want to go next.” That is, morning, afternoon, and evening, you Stop, Drop, and Text: “Stop (what you are doing), Drop (into the moment and notice), and send a Text to your facilitator” about it, comprised of 50 words or fewer. Not yet clear? Here’s an example provided by Living Compassion: “I am noticing how the voices are commenting on what...

Mindful Monday: We become what we think

We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think. -- Buddha Cheri Huber, the guiding teacher at Zen Monastery Peace Center in Murphys, CA, adds, "What you practice is what you have. The quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention. [...] Repeating 'I’ll never be good at this' while learning a new skill does not lead to 'Yes, I’m good at this.' Worrying about the future won’t help you have a better future. Worrying about the future will help you have a future of worrying about the future. The only thing you will ever get from life is what you are doing in the moment. What you do is what you get. "Our lives are the result of what we give our attention to.  If you practice 'overwhelmed with work' or 'I should be different,' [...] that's the life experience you wil...