Thursday, July 29

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Mindful Monday: Leaving the smelly nest

Mindful Monday: Leaving the smelly nest

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Have you ever been ill for a long time, and nothing you've tried seems to help? Have you ever been sick and tired of being sick and tired, as the saying goes? I have been that sick and tired... and scared because of it. But I'm even more tired of continuing to be afraid of what sickness brings or might portend. Certainly there are times in our lives when we need to withdraw in order to heal, but we can let that time drag on too long and not push ourselves -- gently -- to resume our lives to whatever extent we can manage. We know this to be true, but when we're in the thick of the suffering and fear that can accompany illness, it may not be readily apparent to us. We can make a different choice at any time. Yesterday, I came across a gem of a thought by Pema Chödrön that speaks to paral...

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Looking through detention windows, I see an evergreen of mottled hues. Cold sun's rays are reflected and deflected--dark and light dancing together on a limb.  Turning, I see detained youth--lives of dark and light struggling together on a limb.