Saturday, July 24

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Animals as Paracletes

comforter, death I found JJ the hospice therapy dog by receiving a review copy of her story through Goodreads. Watching a video of her at work reminds me of the power of connections and having a companion to get through hard times. Jesus promised us a paraclete, someone to walk alongside as a companion, for those times, meaning the Holy Spirit. But the Spirit takes different forms. In this case you can see the Spirit's presence in JJ's interaction with someone who is passing out of this world. Maybe you're not dying. Maybe you're just having a "terrible, no good, very bad day." Find an animal, and I suspect you'll find the Spirit.

March 28: Circus

Poetry, Post-a-Day
Circus:  Three Cinquain Reflections circus elephants perform beautiful women soar strong men battle tigers roar . . . circus sparkly, noisy exciting, laughing, enjoying the greatest show on earth spectacle . . . circus animals trained compliant and docile the whip’s force creating control illusion On March 28, 1881, “The Greatest Show on Earth,” also known as the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, was formed. Reflect on circus. Please add your link in the comments or paste your submission into the comments.  Be a good neighbor and visit and comment on other folk’s works! Please tag your work “MarchChallenge” P.S. A compilation of all links can be found here. Today’s Postings: Cloaked Monk Renee Dan Roberson Viv in France Becca Givens Mad Kane Sharmishtha Basu ...