Thursday, August 13

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sludge washes to shore whales die of hunger and shame rivers of refuse Daily Haiku #7 Word Challenge:  Anger The Haiku Challenge  Genesis 1:28 - God blessed them and said, "Bear fruit, increase your numbers, and fill the earth--and be responsible for it!  Watch over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and all the living things on the earth!" Photos:  Jose Luis Bello, LA Times, baby seals covered in oil Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as in KOMO News, Baby Whale dies in Puget Sound Citarum River in Indonesia as at Fire Earth:  Environmental Issues


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Eli Eli lama sabachthani? where were you when the embryo hatched and was formed by blood-spattered hyenas tearing hope from limb to limb and laughing gleefully at the mockery where were you when the embryo fell and love offered a hit of a crack pipe covered in symbols flashing through the ghetto offering escape from the desolate heat the hands that should be reaching out are cut off at the wrists bleeding sanctimonious tripe in defiance of the call to love the least , lost, and lonely while sentencing each embryo to death guilty rings through the room as we continue to bleed the embryo out with ignorance born of fear and shame and the lie of the only way being my way standing on the corner shouting belligerently to repent or die revelation rings through the cosmos as the embryo marches th...