Wednesday, August 4

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Daily Practice for August 6, 2016

Daily Practice for August 6, 2016

Word: Another day of Peacemaking Keeper training. I am again reminded of how privileged I am. I realized that the opportunities that I got through pursuing an MDIV and now my DMIN give me the opportunity to be grounded in spiritual practices and emotional wellness that few others get. And I know that my particular challenge is physical wellness. Ugh. Bodies. Ugh. Auto immune disorders. Just ugh. Our teacher, Saroeum Phoung, said that the spiritual is really relational wellness. It reminds me of a question I asked my Reiki teacher so many years ago, "When you are meditating or praying and feel the incredible connection to the Divine or the cosmos, what do you do to manage the temptation of just staying there?" It is such a wonderful place to be that the temptation is to stay isolated wi...

Saying from Amma Matrona

Many people living secluded lives on the mountain have perished  by living like people in the world.  It is better to live in a crowd and want to live a solitary life than to live a solitary life but all the time be longing for company. ~Amma Matrona, Unknown Desert Mother The Forgotten Desert Mothers, Laura Swan, Paulist Press, 2001, p. 35