Wednesday, April 21

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Witness Wednesday – Walking With

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A new aspect of my job is providing advocacy services for the homeless, especially homeless youth. Just another piece of the accompaniment journey that I focus on with at-risk youth. In accompaniment, the focus is on "walking along side with" - not on walking in front, leading or walking behind, pushing. Walking next to - listening and loving. Yesterday, I met with two clients at their sleeping spot. In the chill of the evening, on the sidewalk, I witnessed joy and laughter in the midst of a difficult situation. ... “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” ― Winston Churchill ... What is your story? What have you been witness to? Where have you walked this week? © 2013, post and photograph, Terri Stewart, all rights reserv...

It’s All Sacred Space

I originally published this at Into the Bardo. Sometimes I think that we all need universal translators when we are trying to understand each other across cultures, belief systems, and personal social locations-to go where we have not gone before. Often, though, it takes someone yelling at us to knock us out of our system of thinking and gives us the ability to see things in a new and visionary way that connects rather than divides. All too often we cannot get to this point because we walk away when we things are uncomfortable, challenging, or abrasive. And no doubt, abrasive is yucky. Witness: the US government interactions right now. What to do? Enter deeply into the story of the other person. This is a spiritual practice. I call it Extreme Accompaniment (should I trademark that?)...